Saturday, October 11, 2008


If she's going to lie to the electorate during the election , what makes you think it will be any different if she gets into the White House ?
[Lesson in life no.6 ........ When someone shows you their true self ... dont make them show you twice . ]
Or as Bush would say ...... " fool me ..... eh ...... fool me eh once , eh ............. eh ........ you wont fool me again ! "

Now , some of you folks ( wink ) will say .... " She's being fed these lines , she's being told what to say , McCain cannot come out and say these things .... he has a reputation to protect ...... she doesn't " , her reputation is getting muddier by the day , " Abuse of power " is not a term you'd want associated with a VP nominee , and trying to lie your way out of it wont help , suggesting that The Obama camp has something to do with an inquiry that started a month before it was announced that She had been chosen to run as VP for her party is simply ludicrous and smacks of desperation for the Republicans .
But just because her reputation is in question now does not abregate responsibility for saying " untruths " , where is her " Maverick " streak now ? ...... where are her morals ? ......... she could say " NO " , truth is ..... she is being used , she is nothing more than a puppet , a pawn to make McCain look moral .
When the woman supporter says to McCain that she thinks Obama is an arab , this is a direct result of the lies that Palin is spewing at McCains command ......... it doesn't matter that McCain defends Obama at this point ............ its too late , the cat is out of the bag , are we supposed to respect McCain more now for defending an American citizen from slander ?
Is that not what we'd expect from any presidential nominee , aren't they supposed to do the right thing anyway ?
There will always be a bigoted section of the population that will believe any nonsense that the McCain camp pumps out , some of these people still believe that Barack Obama is a muslim , and is not American and will never accept him as a president if he gets elected , it's no coincidense that these people are mostly uneducated southern people ( the Republican fan base ) , the problem is that these people have a vote .......... shouldn't there be requirements in order to vote ?

1 ....... to be able to count to ten.
2 ....... to be able to read
3 ....... to be able to appreciate wildlife in its natural environment without feeling the need to kill it.
4 ....... to be able to see another persons point of view .

I mean ...... really .

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Patronising TV

PATRONISE ; (used of behaviour or attitude) characteristic of those who treat others with condescension ( people who talk down to others , people who think they are better than others )

Welcome to Irish daytime TV , the most patronising TV on this planet .......... if you haven't watched it ........... dont waste your time , if you do watch it ................... STOP !!!!

There was a sketch on French and Saunders a few years back that sums up alot of whats wrong with these shows ........... it portrayed a totally vacuous presenter who was more into herself and what freebees she could obtain than the problems of guests on the show . A typical example of this was the introduction .......... " and from 10 till 10:30 , we shall be dealing with fashion , then from 10:30 till 11:00 we shall be discussing cosmetic surgery for the more mature woman , from 11:00 untill 11:05 ..... we shall be having an in depth discussion on depression , does it affect you ? ...... is there help out there ? .......... what can we do to help ? ................. and then from 11:05 till 12 noon , we shall be finding out what's happining in Hollywood !!!!!! "

This is Irish daytime TV .......... psudo-journalists discussing what they did over the weekend , how bad the job market is ( not for them though ) , how the credit crunch is affecting the people of Ireland ( they always have an anecdote to show how it's hurting them , usually something like " I was going to buy a 3rd home in Croatia for cash recently , but now I have to tighten my belt along with everyone else ") and funnily enough .... they always seems to be an overweight presenter who does " the food segment " , for IRELAND AM ...... this is Aiden Cooney , the man who walks the Dublin City marathon ................. Jesus wept !!!

Then we can move onto " SEOIGE AND O'SHEA " ( its very important that these people have Irish names ) ......... " daytime TV duo Grainne Seoige and Joe O'Shea host this increasingly popular entertainment TV show. The programme offers a tantalising mix of real life stories, celebrity revelations and topical reports about what's going on around Ireland. " This show has now been replaced by " SEOIGE " hosted by Grainne and her sister Sile , presumeably Joe's name wasn't " Irish enough " ........ shame on you Joe , apart from that minor change .... its the same nonsense ( I wont bore you ) .

Then we move onto " THE AFTERNOON SHOW " ..... " Hosted by Blathnaid Ni Chofaigh ( note the Irish name )and Sheana Keane , The Afternoon Show offers viewers a feast of entertainmemt. From soap news, cookery, topical discussions and celebrity guests, Blathnaid and Sheana always get your afternoon into full swing. "

( Please note that the presenter on the right is not Sheana Keane , this is Anna Nolan , the only decent presenter that's been on the show , she has moved on to present TV in the UK )

Unfortunately , that leaves the Irish public with the dross . a mother of 4 who thinks that she is a " hockey mom " who , everyday exclaims that every meal she tastes on the show is " only gorgeous !" and thinks that coats for €900 are being " given away ! " ( which of course is true for her ).

Along with many people I know , I have no idea who these programs are directed at , presumably the 1% of Irish women who's husbands earn €1m per anum .

The guy in the middle is the " entertainment guru " in this mess of a show , his information comes direct from the net ( Perez Hilton presumably ) and constantly has trouble answering any kind of direct question at all .

All in all , this kind of television is a visual alternative to a cheap glossy mag , all frills and no substance ............... makes you wonder why we pay a licience fee at all .