Saturday, March 30, 2013

Chilli Easter egg 'hotter than a vindaloo'

An Indian restaurant in Surrey has created a "not for bunnies" Easter egg using three of the hottest varieties of chilli pepper.

India Dining in Warlingham used a ghost chilli, a scotch bonnet and a habanero in the egg, and said it was up to 10 times hotter than a vindaloo.

The restaurant said the egg is so hot it equals 400 bottles of Tabasco sauce, and diners must wear protective gloves. Those wanting to try the egg must be aged over 18 and sign a disclaimer.

A spokesman for the restaurant said the Easter eggs were an estimated 1 million on the Scoville scale of "hotness", based on the values of the three chillies used.

A typical vindaloo scores between 100,000 and 200,000 on the scale, he said. He added: "The restaurant has initially made 24 eggs, but will produce more to order if demand is high."

Asad Khan, the restaurant's owner, said: "It's a rather unconventional Easter treat, but the eggs are, in fact, delicious."

Friday, March 29, 2013


Actor Richard Griffiths, who starred in the Harry Potter movies and Withnail and I, has died at the age of 65 after complications following heart surgery.

Griffiths enjoyed a long career of success on film and on TV, but also on the stage where he was a Tony-winning character actor. He was best known for playing Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter films and Uncle Monty in Withnail and I. TV roles included playing a cookery-loving detective in Pie in the Sky. He was appointed an OBE in the 2008 New Year Honours.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


This is a pair of shoes with a built-in GPS navigation system. They were designed by Dominic Wilcox, who dubbed them No Place Like Home. Enter your destination by USB (found in the left heel) using the software provided with the shoes. Activate the system by clicking your heels together and the LED lights on the toe of each shoe will guide the way. Ole lefty gives direction of where to head, while righty indicates how much of your trip is left.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013



It turned out that a White House online petition to lift the phone unlocking ban has already gathered over 110,000 signatures. Since the threshold for “We the People” petitions is 100,000, now the government will have to review or at least reply to the petition.

The controversial ban was introduced in the beginning of the year and under this new legislation anyone who dares to unlock their own phone in the United States could face up to five years of prison time along with a $500,000 fine. Industry observers were not happy to hear such news. For example, Forbes described the new law as a “clear example” of copyright legislation gone crazy (which is true). In the meantime, the lawmakers pointed out that the underlying law is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, better known as DCMA. However, applying the legislation to cell phone unlocking is, we would say, a stretch.

Actually, the ban is considered as an example of crony capitalism, which is nothing new in post-Citizens United America. For example, this ban allows corporations to control how their gear is used after it is sold – this obviously violates property rights. Although phone companies may claim that they are renting their devices on 2-year plans, they actually are not – at least not now.

Industry experts compared the situation to the one when a car company is telling its clients that they can’t install new alloys. In the meantime, buying a modular assault rifle is still legitimate in the United States, and the accessory market is growing rapidly. Indeed, in most states you can install everything from a bayonet to a high-powered scope and high capacity magazine on almost any rifle, and it is absolutely legal. Yet unlocking a cell phone can lead you to a courtroom, facing some serious jail time...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013



Justin Beiber disappoints parents at O2 by eventually turning up

Teen heart-throb Justin Beiber incensed parents at the O2 yesterday, when he started singing before many of them could leave.

Beiber, who’s hits sound exactly as you’d imagine, delighted adults for the first two hours of his gig by staying off the stage.

Graham Holdcroft was there with a charity for aurally challenged children.

“Sadly, these youngsters have all caught ‘Shit Ears’ from watching X Factor”, he explained. “We’d brought them along to try and shock them out of it.”

“To our astonishment, as we waited some of them responded positively to the early 70s disco being played. Then the cocky twat stuck his head round the curtain, and they suffered an immediate relapse.”

Not everyone was disappointed though. David Chalmers spoke of his relief when Beiber finally launched into his wall of sonic misery.

“I’d taken my two teenage daughters to see him, as a punishment for being caught smoking outside school”, he explained.

“Somehow standing in a cold arena listening to Michael Jackson songs for two hours didn’t seem cruel enough, But at 10.25pm, the little prick finally showed up.”

Sunday, March 10, 2013




These huge Florida mosquitoes are described by today's younger generation as 'The Mother of all Mosquitos'. As adults, they can bite through a variety of clothing, and are known to go after both humans and pets.

"It's about 20 times bigger than the sort of typical Florida mosquito that you find," Anthony Pelaez of Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry added. "And it's very mean. It goes after people, and it bites, and it hurts. A bite from a gallinipper is so painful “it feels like you’ve been knifed.”

BUT TO PUT IT IN PERSPECTIVE .............................................

NOT QUITE SO SCARY NOW ........................................ IS IT ?

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Scientists find new kind of bacterial life in hidden Antarctic lake.

An enormous lake that has lain buried under Antarctic ice for millions of years is home to a new kind of bacterial life, Russian scientists claim. The researchers found evidence for the unidentified organism in water samples brought up from Lake Vostok, the largest subglacial lake on the Antarctic continent.

The Russian team found seven samples of the mystery species in water that had frozen on a drill head used to reach the lake that lies beneath an ice sheet more than two miles (3.5km) thick.

The scientists extracted strands of DNA from the organism, but said the genetic code was never more than an 86% match with any of the species listed in global databanks. Sergey Bulat, a researcher on the team at the Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, said that anything less than a 90% match usually indicated that the organism was unknown.

"We call it unidentified and 'unclassified' life," Bulat told the state news agency, RIA Novosti. "If it were found on Mars, people would call it Martian DNA. But this is DNA from Earth," he added.

The Russian team broke through to the lake under the East Antarctic Ice Sheet last year. When the ice cover was pierced, water burst up through the borehole. The huge body of water stretches for 150 miles and is 30 miles wide in places.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Mario also included this pic ..........................................

999 caller reports Man United's controversial red card

A football fan so disgusted with the referee’s decision to send-off a player in last night’s Champions League clash, rang 999 to report the incident to Nottinghamshire Police.

The 18-year-old Manchester United supporter was watching the second-leg tie against Real Madrid from his home in a village near Bingham, when he felt that Nani's controversial sending-off for a high challenge was a crime, so subsequently called police.

The man later apologized for his actions, claiming to have been caught up in the excitement.

To the tune of 'She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain'...

"We had ten men in the Nou Camp yes we did (yes we did)
We had ten men in the Nou Camp yes we did (yes we did)
We had ten men in the Nou Camp, ten men in the Nou Camp, ten men in the Nou Camp yes we did

We were two down in the Nou Camp yes we were (yes we were)
We were two down in the Nou Camp yes we were (yes we were)
We were two down in the Nou Camp, two down in the Nou Camp, two down in the Nou Camp yes we were

But we fought back in the Nou Camp, yes we did (yes we did)
But we fought back in the Nou Camp, yes we did (yes we did)
But we fought back in the Nou Camp, fought back in the Nou Camp, fought back in the Nou Camp, yes we did

We knocked out the Spanish champions yes we did (yes we did)
We knocked out the Spanish champions yes we did (yes we did)
We knocked out the Spanish champions, knocked out the Spanish champions, knocked out the Spanish champions yes we did

Now we're champions of Europe yes we are (yes we are!
Now we're champions of Europe yes we are (yes we are!)
Now we're champions of Europe, champions of Europe, champions of Europe yes we are "