Monday, April 14, 2014

Graffiti mocking the Munich air disaster painted on bridge dedicated to Irish victim Liam Whelan

Mindless thugs have painted the message "Munich B*****d" on a bridge in Phibsboro dedicated to former Manchester United great Liam Whelan who died in the Munich air disaster.

Liam Whelan was one of the eight Manchester United players who died in the tragedy when aged just 22. Before his death, the Dubliner had scored an astonishing 53 goals in 98 first-team appearances with the Red Devils.

Whelan began his football career with Home Farm before making the move to Manchester. He also had four international caps with Ireland.

After a strong local campaign, the railway bridge on Fassaugh Road/Dowth Avenue junction in Cabra, Dublin 7 close to Dalymount Park was renamed in his honour. There was outrage on social media today when the message on Liam Whelan Bridge went viral. Fans of Bohemians have since cleaned up the graffiti. A statement from the club today read: "Bohemian FC officials and supporters today cleaned and covered up the disgusting graffiti on the nearby Liam Whelan Bridge.

"Liam was both a local and international legend. Everyone at Bohs echoes the unanimous condemnation that someone could carry out such a thoughtless and hurtful act, particularly as members of his family still live locally. "A Cabra man and Ireland international, Whelan was one of 21 people killed in the 1958 Munich Air Disaster as Manchester United made a refuelling stop en route home from a European Cup tie in Belgrade. "He is buried in Glasnevin Cemetery, while the railway bridge at Fassaugh Road in Cabra was renamed in his honour in 2006. Both are just a short walk from Dalymount Park.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Let the Crib Dribbler Feed Your Baby So You Can Get Some Rest !

If there's one thing all moms and dads can agree on, it's that the sleep deprivation that goes hand in hand with parenthood is brutal.

Are you as tired as we are of answering your baby's hunger cries in the middle of the night? Do you wish you could extend your child's naptime by an hour each day?

We're taking a cue from our favorite rodent, the gerbil, and commissioning the Crib Dribbler to feed our young in our absence. The handy bottle, which is made from recycled plastic syringes, conveniently attaches to your child's crib, and she may suckle the stainless steel straw to access her food.

The Crib Dribbler is designed for use with milk, formula, water, juice, stew and cocoa, and it comes complete with stickers that indicate whether the liquid in the container is warm or cold.

This is what we call a win/win situation. You're giving your baby independence, alone time and the ability to tend to her own needs and care for herself from the start -- and all the while you can enjoy a night off or several hours to yourself without having to worry about feeding your little one!

The Crib Dribbler comes in two sizes: The Over-Nighter and The Weekender. The latter, which is nearly three times the size, enables parents to go out to dinner, see a movie and even spend the night out at a hotel! Baby will be safe in his crib, with enough food to sustain him all weekend long. Parenting just got a lot easier!

+ Crib Dribbler 3 for $20

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Florida Makes Off-Grid Living Illegal – Mandates All Homes Must Be Connected To An Electricity Grid

It's no secret that an opposition to sustainable living exists. Earlier this year, Texas state brought several SWAT teams to a sustainable community and threatened to shut it down. Each one of the community members were initially handcuffed at gunpoint. 

It was called “The Garden of Eden Community” and was totally self sustainable.

This time, it's Robin Speronis that's come under fire. She lives off the grid in Florida, completely independent of the city's water and electric system.

A few weeks ago, officials ruled her off-grid home illegal. Officials cited the International Property Maintenance Code, which mandates that homes be connected to an electricity grid and a running water source.

That's just like saying our dependency on corporations isn't even a choice. The battle to live without most utilities has been ongoing for Robin, the self-sufficient woman has lived for more than a year and a half using solar energy, a propane camping stove and rain water. In the end, she was found not guilty of not having a proper sewer or electrical system; but was guilty of not being hooked up to an approved water supply.

So what exactly is off grid living ?

“It means living independently, mainly living independently of the utility companies. Providing your own power. It does not mean living in the stone age, it's not about bush craft. It's about generating your own power, your own water, dealing with your own waste. Probably as part of a community, not living on your own like a hermit. It's also about being more self-reliant and being less dependent on the system. Perhaps realizing that the system isn't really protecting us anymore and we have to look after ourselves.” - George Noory 

Our potential as a human race is quite extraordinary, we just don't realize it. Sustainable living is not about giving up a certain lifestyle, can still have all the modern amenities, design and beyond. Living off the grid wouldn't be a problem, we have technologies that can generate over-unity power, we have technologies that can provide unlimited amounts of clean energy. I'm talking about >free energy which goes far beyond solar energy. We can have neighborhoods exactly like we do today, even better. They would be totally green, off the grid and self-sufficient.

The only problem with off the grid living is that corporations lose their ability to control others. With a completely self-sustaining life style, no body would ever have to work. What would happen then? Think about that for a moment. We would be free to expand and create, to discover our full potential as a race and move forward into the world of exploration and discovery, all the while living in harmony with nature, not against it. 

We've accepted the monetary system, and deem it necessary for the proper function of society. Money doesn't ever have to come in the way of necessity, we've just been made to believe that it does. It's time for the human race to move past the concepts of competition and greed into one that benefits the whole.

 “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozled has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we've been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” - Carl Sagan 

The human race does not need to be dependent on these corporations. While we continue to feed this dependency, the planet continues to suffer. In order to move forward, we must start cooperating with each other, and realize just how much potential we have to create something magical and amazing. Bottom line, anybody who has the desire to live off-grid should not be hassled for it, it should be a free choice.