Friday, August 31, 2012


I am proud to say that I never watched more than 2 minutes of an episode.

Paul Ryan Address: Convention Speech Built On Demonstrably Misleading Assertions

Paul Ryan said Obama, while campaigning for president, promised that a GM plant in Wisconsin would not shut down. "That plant didn’t last another year. It is locked up and empty to this day. And that’s how it is in so many towns today, where the recovery that was promised is nowhere in sight," Ryan said.

Except Obama didn't promise that. And the plant closed in December 2008 -- while George W. Bush was president ..... and furthermore .... Mitt Romney opposed the auto bailout, which puts the campaign in the awkward spot of criticizing Obama for not intervening enough in the private sector with government bailouts.

Ryan, for his part, slammed the president for not supporting a deficit commission report without mentioning that he himself had voted against it, helping to kill it. He also made a cornerstone of his argument the claim that Obama "funneled" $716 billion out of Medicare to pay for Obamacare. But he didn't mention that his own budget plan relies on those very same savings. Ryan also put responsibility for Standard & Poor's downgrade of U.S. government debt at Obama's doorstep. But he didn't mention that S&P itself, in explaining its downgrade, referred to the debt ceiling standoff. That process of raising the debt ceiling was only politicized in the last Congress, driven by House Republicans, led in the charge by Paul Ryan.


But they have asked to see your tax returns Mitt ..... Obama had to show his Birth Cert ... what are you going to do ?

Did you know ............... Romney has become the first presidential candidate since 1996 to refuse to disclose the names of his campaign bundlers.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Liverpool's Carroll joins West Ham

Carroll's future at Anfield has been in doubt since Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers admitted the England forward might be an awkward fit for the smooth passing style he wants the Reds to use.

West Ham and Carroll's former club Newcastle both made approaches for the 23-year-old several weeks ago and, after Liverpool failed to secure a better offer, it is the Hammers who have won the race for his signature.

The deal is likely to bring an end to Carroll's disappointing spell with Liverpool as West Ham have agreed an option to sign him on a permanent basis for an undisclosed fee at the end of this season.

It is a major coup for newly-promoted West Ham and boss Sam Allardyce, who briefly worked with Carroll at Newcastle, and the forward could make his debut in Saturday's Premier League clash against Fulham at Upton Park.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

FC Barcelona Scouting 11-Year-Old Soccer Player In Brazil Who Has No Feet

Meet Gabriel -- an 11-year-old boy, born without feet -- has fulfilled a lifelong dream by training at the Barcelona academy in Rio de Janeiro.

The youngster, with hugely impressive football skills despite his malformation, was featured on Brazilian TV earlier this year and Gabriel said it was his dream to train with Barcelona.

Joaquim Estrada, one of the administrators at the Barcelona academy said: "We've never had a case like this, but its no problem as we have room for everyone here."

And to the delight of all involved Gabriel passed all the tests for the youngsters at the Barcelona training and excelled alongside his peers. With talk in football circles in Brazil of "the boy with no feet who played very well."



On the day his departure from Chelsea was announced, Didier Drogba promised he would pay us a visit in the future. He did so at Cobham on Tuesday, arriving as training was ending and welcoming his old team-mates as they returned to the main building.

Didier, you didn't wait too long to visit.

Not so long - it is a break in the season in China now and also there is international duty, so I am here to see my family - and my friends here as well.

So your family has not moved to China?

No my family is here, my children.

How is the China experience?

It is good, it is a new experience and the first month has been reaching out in terms of learning new things, learning a new culture. It is very different to what I am used to in Europe, I like it.

Chelsea's summer tour of 2011 was the first time in your life you had been to Asia, and now you are living and working there.

I was thinking about this - and it is what helped me in my decision because of what we have been doing in pre-season over there. I could see a little bit how the people are and it is nice.

Was the greeting you had in China as enthusiastic as the one you had in Thailand with Chelsea?

People may have seen the video of my arrival and the fans were really great. In the stadiums it is the same as everywhere - when you play football there is the passion.

How is Nicolas Anelka?

Nico is good. He is happy that I signed there and I am also happy that he is there to help me. Last week he gave me two assists so it is back to what we were doing here before.

Finally, how many times have you watched the Munich game again?

Not the game but I have watched the penalty many times!


Christian fundamentalists take note.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


The Spanish Tv Channel "La Sexta" decided to delay the match Sevilla FC vs. Levante UD in order to brodcast the press conferences of Mourinho and Guardiola and Biris Norte protested throwing into the field thousands of tennis balls. From all the incomes produced by the TV rights 50% is taken for Barcelona and Real Madrid the remaining 50% is divided among 18 teams.

April 23, 2012




Friday, August 24, 2012

A Tea Partier Decided To Pick A Fight With A Foreign President ..... It Didn't Go So Well.

Michael D. Higgins (who was elected president of Ireland last year) is fed up with over-the-top Tea Party rhetoric, and he isn't afraid to show it. Listen to him call out radio host Michael Graham on everything from health care to foreign policy in this heated exchange from 2010. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one.


Barclays Premier League 2nd round Goals Highlights by Forzamediadivision

AFTER 40 DAYS AND 40 NIGHTS ...........

Chelsea will take their summer spending to a staggering £73million after Wigan agreed a £9m deal for winger Victor Moses with them on Thursday night.

The clubs are finalising details of the move after weeks of negotiations for the former England Under 21 forward.

Wigan chairman Dave Whelan has resisted selling the young player , having turned down four offers, but will reluctantly sell him to the European champions for £9m.

The delay had been down to wrangling over the payment structure as Wigan wanted the majority of the fee paid up front. They have got their way, with £7m being paid immediately and £2m more guaranteed at the end of the season.

Moses has been on Chelsea’s radar since his sparkling form at the end of last season helped keep Roberto Martinez’s team in the Barclays Premier League.

Moses was outstanding for Wigan during their 2-0 defeat by Roberto Di Matteo’s side at the DW Stadium in last weekend’s Premier League opener.

That performance convinced Di Matteo, as well as Chelsea technical director Michael Emanalo and owner Roman Abramovich, to meet Wigan’s asking price.

He spent his early years playing for England’s youth teams but has switched and now represents his native Nigeria.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Recorder is this magic pen that converts your written notes into electronic files and then transfers it to your phone and computer via Bluetooth.



Diggers Diner, Brush, Colorado

Try to take down the State Champion Burger, containing 3-pounds of beef, a 1 1/2-pound bun, eight slices of cheese, half a tomato, half an onion, one-half-head of lettuce, a half a cup of pickles and 12 ounces of fries.

Finish in one hour and the burger is free and you'll be put on the Wall of Fame.

Lucille’s Café, Leesville, Louisiana

This massive burger contains 2 1/2 pounds of hamburger, four slices of cheese, four slices of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, mayo, mustard and French fries.

Complete this challenge in 30 minutes and you'll see your photo on the Bull Board, win a T-shirt and get your burger for free.

LW Pizza, Long Beach, California

LW Pizza dares you to eat an entire 28-inch pepperoni pizza in less than one hour.

It's a no-no to use the bathroom or throw up during this hour-long challenge.

Finish to receive $100 cash, a $100 LW Pizza Gift Card and your money back for the challenge pizza.

Chompie's, Four locations in Arizona

The Ultimate Slider Challenge is yet another to be attempted and bested by "Man v. Food" host Adam Richman. Like that madman, you'll come face-to-face with 12 Jewish Sliders (beef brisket, potato pancakes and Jack cheese on a roll) and onion strings tipping the scale at 5 pounds. Finish alone in 30 minutes or less and the $39.95 meal is free, along with a T-shirt and eternal glory on the Wall of Fame.

Pig N' Chik, Sherwood, Arkansas

Attempt to finish the Sarge Burger in 30 minutes or less, a feat accomplished by one lone soul to date. This burger contains 4 pounds of beef, a 1-pound bun and plenty of fixings.

Finish in less than 30 minutes and it's free!


QPR assembling stellar line-up for the start of the 2007-08 season.

QPR have reached an agreement with Real Madrid for the loan of defender Ricardo Carvalho for this season.

The 34-year-old former Chelsea player is yet to agree personal terms with the west London club according to reports, with talks between the player and the club taking place over the next couple of days.

The news follows the announcement that QPR have agreed a fee with Tottenham, understood to be in the region of £8m, for the transfer of centre-back Michael Dawson [28].

Former Chelsea right-back Jose Bosingwa [30] was brought in this summer at right-back and Fabio Da Silva in on loan from Manchester United to fill the left-back position. Goalkeeper Robert Green 32] joined from West Ham having run down his contract.




MOSCOW — Two members of an anti-Kremlin all-girl punk rock band were ordered detained in prison on Wednesday for mounting a protest ‘concert’ in Moscow’s main cathedral, leaping around in brightly coloured masks and brandishing a guitar to recorded music.

Pussy Riot’s performance, posted on the internet, offended Orthodox believers. The arrest of the two women last month on hooliganism charges ignited a fierce debate over the boundaries of protest and state power. A judge declined a request on Wednesday that they be released on bail and ordered them held until April 24.

Pussy Riot, whose members say they draw inspiration from the 1990s U.S. feminist punk groups Riot Grrl and Bikini Kill, are one of the more bizarre groups to emerge at the fore of a nascent protest movement against Vladimir Putin’s 12-year rule.

My view: While the 'concert' itself wasn't a roaring success ..... the bottom line is that if offending people is now punishable by a term in prison ........ then this group would be way down my list behind racists, homophobes and Politicians.


Roberto Martinez has revealed he WAS made an offer by Liverpool's owners, despite club chairman Tom Werner insisting that Rodgers was "the only person we made an offer to our first choice and the right choice".

Roberto Martinez has rubbed salt in Brendan Rodgers' wounds by claiming that he was actually Liverpool's first choice to take over from Kenny Dalglish this summer.

Martinez was pictured meeting Liverpool owner John W Henry in Miami over the summer, as speculation mounted that the Spaniard was top of the list to replace Dalglish.

But when the club announced Rodgers's appointment, it seemed that Martinez had missed his opportunity. Instead, though, he says now that it was he who rejected Liverpool.

Other contenders for the job included Swansea’s Newcastle boss Alan Pardew, Marseille’s Didier Deschamps, Andre Villas Boas and Borussia Dortmund’s Jurgen Klopp.

Tom Werner was the man who said that Kenny Dalglish retained the ‘full support’ of Fenway Sports Group just 34 days before he got the boot, Dalglish became the highest-profile victim of their ruthless cull at the end of last season.

Porkies: Porkie Pies ...... Cockney rhyming slang for 'lies'.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Wonder what the collective term for a group of ageing, muscle-bound, second-rank performers is ......... I'm going with 'a tragedy'.

I had to step out on three separate occasions just to stop myself from chewing my own ears off. This is a cheap movie, there .... I've said it ....... it's cheap. I have no idea what the budget was, I don't care ..... I know they didn't spend it on a storyline [co written by Stallone, on a napkin presumably], They didn't spend it on the script, they didn't spend it on locations or vehicles either. I can only guess that this is simply another 'Golden Parachute' for some over the hill, has been action stars. A celebrity Big Brother on film, a chance for us to gawp at our heroes of yesteryear and think to ourselves ....... OMFG.

It reminded me  the 1978 movie 'The Wild Geese', a rollocking tale of 65 year old mercenaries who go to Africa on one final mission to free the leader of an African country .... it starred Richard Burton, Roger Moore, Stewart Granger, Richard Harris and Hardy Krüger ......... sound familiar ?  ...... this is nothing to do with entertainment ...... this is about a payday, pure and simple. The largest profit for the least investment. This is meant to tug at our heartstrings .... to bring out the nostalgia in all those who remember when these actors looked like they could do what they portrayed on screen.

I'm sure many will go to and enjoy watching this muck .... Celebrity Big Brother has been going for over a decade now and they still manage to find an audience, people who want to feel better about themselves by seeing how low some celebs have sunk. I myself am uncomfortable with this 'car crash' entertainment.

So, if you want to see Arnie say 'I'll be back' one more time, or you think that corny, over the top oneliners are still kewl ..... this may be the movie for you, because that's about all there is ........ I think the lowest point has to be the Chuck Norris joke .... I mean really ? .... a meme ? ..... that's what you went for. I felt something inside me die and slither away at that point.

I get the feeling that the 'tragedy' of performers are having alot more fun hanging out together than the audience will have watching this movie. The usual suspects are back, Stallone, Statham, Lundgren, Schwarzenegger, Willis, Crews ..... Jet Li for a few minutes along with van Damme as the baddie ..... and Expendables 3 is in the pipeline. No doubt they are trying to get Steven Seagal or Harrison Ford, but knowing my luck, they'll probably end up with Mr T and Roger Moore.

....... and to make matters worse ...... Producer Adi Shankar wants to make a female version. Names thrown out so far are Linda Hamilton, Sigourney Weaver, Jamie Lee Curtis, Lucy Lawless, The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss and martial arts queen Cynthia Rothrock.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Howard Webb completes shock move to Man City

Former Man United referee Howard Webb has completed his controversial move to local rivals Man City.

Webb completed the shock move on Saturday, and made his debut in yesterday’s game against newly-promoted Southampton.

The former Old Trafford crowd-favourite made an immediate impact as he earned his new club a penalty, which was saved by Saint’s keeper Kelvin Davies after a tame spot-kick from David Silva.

However, it wasn’t long before Webb’s trickery led to City taking the lead.

A lofted ball over the top found Carlos Tevez, and Webb skillfully waved away appeals for offside to allow the Argentinian to fire home.


Despite an impressive first-half performance, Webb was at fault for Southampton’s equaliser after he showed an uncharacteristic lack of concentration in which he failed to book Ricky Lambert for a blatant attempt on goal.

A surprised Lambert took advantage of the mistake and kept his cool to slot the ball into the net.

Things went from bad to worse for Webb as he allowed Southampton’s players to remain on the pitch, leading to Steven Davis firing Southampton into a surprise lead.

Webb had his team-mates to thank as goals from Edin Dzeko and Samir Nasri gave City a winning start to the season.

Man City boss Roberto Mancini was full of praise for Webb after the match.

“I thought Howard was excellent in the first-half,” he said.

“He tired in the second-half, but I think that was down to a lack of match fixness…, I meant fitness.”


Robin van Persie stands to earn an extra £10million on top of his mammoth £250,000-a-week wages at Manchester United - JUST FOR STAYING AT THE CLUB FOR THE DURATION OF HIS CONTRACT.


The cash bonus will be spread throughout his stay at Old Trafford and does not take into account any bonuses that the 29-year-old will earn if United win the League, FA Cup, League Cup or the Champions League.

There will be no resale value on the Holland striker to help ease the club's debts, which run into hundreds of millions of pounds.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dalmatian adopts orphaned spotted lamb named 'Dotty'

A Dalmatian has adopted an orphaned spotted lamb abandoned by its mother in South Australia's Barossa Valley. The Dalmatian does not have puppies of her own but took a liking to the spotted lamb named "Dotty" who looks remarkably like a Dalmatian puppy.

The lamb is a cross between a pure-bred white Dorper ram and a cross-bred Dorper and Van Rooy ewe, just in case you had any previous notions.

Wendy's launches lobster and caviar burgers in Japan

To celebrate a new restaurant opening in Japan, Wendy's is adding a limited-time line of "premium" ocean themed food items to its menu.

According to Gawker, there will be three new meals making a debut on Wendy's menus in Japan, which include a Lobster and Caviar burger, Surf and Turf burger and an Ocean Premium Salad.

The Lobster and Caviar Burger will feature Canadian lobster on the bun with the normal beef burger, along with a lobster salad, sprinkled with caviar. The Ocean Premium Salad contains lobster, caviar, tomatoes, red onions, avocado and lettuce.

These high end menu items come as new additions to an already "fancy" menu. The menu already includes foie gras hamburgers, Iberian bacon burger and Porcini grilled chicken sandwich sandwiches.

Brand Eating reports the "Ocean Premium" line burgers cost about "1280 yen or roughly $US 16.28", and the salad is priced at 1580 yen (US$ 20.10).


Monsanto puts $4.2 million into the anti-GMO labeling pot

According to the latest campaign finance reports, Monsanto has just contributed $4.2 million in opposition of Proposition 37 for GMO labeling in California, which comes up for voting in the November elections.

Proposition 37 has become an epic food fight pitting the big pesticide and junk food companies against the millions of consumers who want to know if their food is genetically engineered.

The latest huge donation is from Monsanto Co. in the sum of $4.2 million, which is the largest individual contribution so far.

Total contributions to defeat Proposition 37 amount to $25 million, with nearly $23 million of that during the last week.

Other major new contributions against Proposition 37 were given by E. I. Dupont de Nemours ($1,273,600), Dow Agrosciences ($1,184,800) and PepsiCo ($1,126,079).

So far, the “Big 6” pesticide companies (Monsanto, Dow, BASF, Bayer, Syngenta and DuPont) have contributed $13.5 million to defeat Proposition 37.

Looking at the twenty largest contributors to the "No on 37" campaign, only one company is actually based in California - Nestlé USA. And Nestlé USA is a subsidiary of the giant Swiss food conglomerate Nestlé S.A.


Do Cute Kids Like Radiohead? - "Paranoid Android"

BlackMagdalena should open a franchise






BRING IT ON ................

Just when Dexter was starting to lose its edge, season 6 ended with — the best setup ever for the series’ return September 30: Deb discovers her brother’s secret.

I'll be watching you ......



Ok ....... is it the most violent 30 minutes of comedy on the TV ?

Well, it's up there with shows like 'Death Valley' and 'Eagleheart'.

The violence is certainly there — blood sprays liberally, and the premise of the show is built around a man shot in the face on two different occasions — but that violence is so cartoonish as to almost be benign. There’s nothing ghastly or intense about the bloodshed, and there is so little investment in any of the characters that their eventual bullet-riddled bodies affect no emotion.

That’s not to say that Bullet in the Face is not without some fun. It can be ridiculous, and ridiculously fun (especially when Eddie Izzard is onscreen).

It was announced that the series would be condensed, changed from a six-part weekly series into a two-night event, seemingly meant to sweep the series under the rug without actually having to kill a series that’d already been produced and filmed.

The show stars Max Williams as Gunter Vogler, the muscle for Heinrich Tannhauser (Eddie Izzard), a crime lord engaged in a mob war with the head of another crime family (Eric Roberts). Tannhauser, however, discovers that his wife is sleeping with another man and asks that Gunter kill her. The rub, however, is that the other man is Gunter, and before Gunter can take out Tannhauser’s wife/his mistress — who is pregnant with Gunter’s child — she shoots him in face.

Gunter wakes up three months later only to discover that, after a transplant, he now has the face of a cop that he had shot before he had himself been shot in the face. The police department had given him a transplant in an effort to use him to get inside the Tannhauser syndicate and take it down from the inside. Gunter, who knows nothing but violence, is hesitant to agree (“I will not live my life with some other face I do not recognize. I am not Mickey Rourke.”), but ultimately does so after discovering that his old boss and his mistress both want him dead.

The exaggerated nature of the show, the bad German accents, and the over-the-top violence aside, the opening episode is a strong one, intentionally bad-funny. It’s when the show escapes from the series arc and devolves into an absurd case-of-the-week procedural that Bullet in the Face becomes wearying.

Still, it's nice to see Eddie Izzard back on the box.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Fast food is the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store with preheated or precooked ingredients, and served to the customer in a packaged form for take-out/take-away. The term "fast food" was recognized in a dictionary by Merriam–Webster in 1951.

Outlets may be stands or kiosks, which may provide no shelter or seating, or fast food restaurants.


Street food is ready-to-eat food or drink sold in a street or other public place, such as a market or fair, by a hawker or vendor, often from a portable stall. While some street foods are regional, many are not, having spread beyond their region of origin. Most street foods are also classed as both finger food and fast food, and are cheaper on average than restaurant meals. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, 2.5 billion people eat street food every day

In ancient China, where street foods generally catered to the poor, weathly residents would send servants to buy street foods and bring meals back for their masters to eat in their homes.

Professor Stephen Dyson of the University of Buffalo says "We found numerous fast food restaurants in Pompeii and other parts of ancient Rome, " calling these places a cross between "... Burger King and a British pub or a Spanish tapas bar. Most Romans lived in apartments or rather confined spaces, and there is not much evidence for stoves and other cooking equipment in them."

In the mornings, bread soaked in wine was eaten as a quick snack and cooked vegetables and stews later in the day at a popina.

A traveling Florentine reported in the late 1300's that in Cairo, people carried picnic cloths made of raw hide to spread on the streets and eat their meals of lamb kebabs, rice and fritters that they had purchased form street vendors.

Aztec marketplaces had vendors that sold beverages such as atolli, "a gruel made from maize dough", almost 50 types of tamales (with ingredients that ranged from the meat of turkey, rabbit, gopher, frog, and fish to fruits, eggs, and maize flowers), as well as insects and stews.

French fries probably orignated as a street food consisting of fried strips of potato in Paris in the 1840's.

Street foods in Victorian London included tripe, pea soup, pea pods in butter, roasted chestnuts, whelk, prawns and jellied eels.

Nearly from its inception, fast food has been designed to be eaten "on the go", often does not require traditional cutlery, and is eaten as a finger food. Common menu items at fast food outlets include fish and chips, sandwiches, pitas, hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, chicken nuggets, tacos, pizza, hot dogs, and ice cream, although many fast food restaurants offer "slower" foods like chili, mashed potatoes, and salads.

In this series I will be mostly dealing with modern day 'Fast Food' items, Burgers, Pizza, Fish & Chips, Chicken, Hot Dogs, kebabs and Tacos.


Chelsea Football Club is delighted to announce the signing of Cesar Azpilicueta, The 22-year-old right-back, who recently represented Spain at the London Olympics, arrives at Stamford Bridge following a two-year spell in France's Ligue 1 with Marseille.

 Born on 28 August 1989 in Pamplona, Navarre, he began his career at the academy of his hometown club, Osasuna.


Having started out as an attacking midfielder, Azpilicueta is comfortable in possession with a good range of passing.

Having come through the ranks at Osasuna, Azpilicueta was handed his La Liga debut on 8 April 2007 against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu.

The following season, with Osasuna depleted by injuries, the youngster featured regularly and cemented his place in the team at right-back with a string of impressive displays, while the 2008/09 campaign saw him miss only two games.

In June 2010, Azpilicueta made the switch from Spain to France, signing a four-year deal with Marseille.

The youngster, however, endured a difficult opening to his career at the club suffering a knee injury which ruled him out for his first season.

Following the disappointment of the previous campaign, the 2011/12 season - with both the European Championships and Olympics on the horizon - was always going to be a big one for the young Spaniard.

He flourished, performing consistently well and catching the eye as Marseille reached the Champions League quarter-finals, eventually eliminated by beaten finalists Bayern Munich.

At international level, he has represented Spain since earning a call-up to the Under 16s in 2005, and was part of the Under 19 side which won the European Championships back in 2007, as well as the Under 21s who tasted success in the same competition in 2011.

He becomes the fourth Spaniard at Stamford Bridge, linking up with fellow countrymen Juan Mata, Oriol Romeu and Fernando Torres.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Papa Johns CEO warns Obamacare will ruin country by raising pizza prices 11 cents

Papa Johns’ CEO John Schnatter made headlines when Politico reported he’d warned on a conference call last week that Obamacare could impact pizza prices nationwide in a crisis I personally can’t help from calling a pizza-pocalypse:

“Our best estimate is that the Obamacare will cost 11 to 14 cents per pizza,” Schnatter said, “or 15 to 20 cents per order from a corporate basis.”

For this reason, he’s strongly supporting Mitt Romney for president. So that his 6,500 employees can remain uninsured, so that you, fast-food pizza lovers of America, will not have to pay an extra 11¢ for your pizzas.

“We’re not supportive of Obamacare, like most businesses in our industry,” Schnatter said, “but our business model and unit economics are about as ideal as you can get for a food company to absorb Obamacare.” He noted “If Obamacare is in fact not repealed, we will find tactics to shallow out any Obamacare costs and core strategies to pass that cost onto consumers.”

In other words, if we have to have these plebeians insured, they’ll just make up for it by passing along the incredible burden do you at the cost of 11¢ per pizza, and their business will be fine. Except HuffPo reports Judy Nichols, owner of a Texas Papa Johns franchise, isn’t so sure. Expressing anxiety about opening more restaurants and increasing payroll over the 50-strong count that would mandate employers provide healthcare, she said:

“I have two options, I can stop offering coverage and pay the $2,000 fine, or I could keep my number of staff under 50 so the mandate doesn’t apply.” Or ........... she has a third option: She can raise her prices by 11  cents a pizza so that Debbie in shipping doesn’t die of cancer. But nah, that’s apparently

unthinkable. “Obamacare is making me think about cutting jobs instead,” she said.

Seriously—wouldn’t we all be happy to pay an extra 11 cents a pizza to be free of the worry that if we fall off our bike or trip going downstairs we could end up $50,000 in debt? Or for those of us who already insured, to be free of the worry that if you change jobs and get a new insurance company, that they won’t cover the treatment you’ve been receiving because it counts as a “pre-existing condition”?

Would tacking 11 cents onto the pizzas be worth such freedom? I’m guessing to almost everyone except Schnatter, the answer is yes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Arsenal confirm Van Persie exit

Robin van Persie is finally on his way out of Arsenal and the Dutchman’s destination will be Premier League runners-up Manchester United, according to an official statement published on the Gunners’ website.


Reports across the English media on today confirmed that the Arsenal captain had gotten his wish and a deal had been agreed with United, subject to a medical and agreement over personal terms.

Red Devils boss Sir Alex Ferguson has been trying to sign the want-away star throughout the summer but Gunners boss Arsene Wenger had been reluctant to sell the PFA Player of the Year to a direct rival.

However, after Fergie became directly involved in negotiations and United reportedly increased their bid from around £15 million to over £20 million + add ons.

Van Persie will travel to Manchester on Thursday in order to agree personal terms and complete a medical ahead of the proposed move. The transfer could be completed by tomorrow afternoon and RvP is poised to be unveiled at his new club well before they take on Everton at Goodison Park on August 20.





He demanded a £5m loyalty bonus, plus £13m a year [that's £250k pw], a new right back, a new centreback, and his own Dutch physio shipped in to work with him full-time, paid for by the club !

Scottish premier league gearing up for the closest one horse race in years

Scottish football fans up and down an increasingly small area of Scotland are eagerly anticipating the start of the new SPL season and an incredibly close title race where hot favourites Celtic take on themselves.

Following Rangers demotion to playing in somebodies back garden, Celtic are forced to look over their shoulders at a new set of rivals keen to stamp their mark on a league historically dominated by the Old Firm.

One fan Celtic when asked on his thoughts as to who would win the league showed us his mortgage papers.

“I took out a wee second mortgage on us winning the league this year. Well that was the intention, but I ended up spending it all on crack and a new knife.”

“I’d eat my hat on us taking the title, but I already had the wee thing for breakfast, so I’ll steal one later and eat that, just to prove me point.”

Scottish premier league

Scottish football officials were considering changing the format of the second half of the season to introduce a little ‘competition’.

Traditionally the league splits in two creating two mini leagues, but this year they contemplated a change where the bottom eleven teams play each other and Celtic play themselves each week in a variation of the old firm derby.

An insider at Celtic Park said, “The boys are really motivated for the new season and are doing everything in their power to make sure they finish at least 70 points ahead of their nearest rivals.”

“Training? No there’s no formal training per se this season.”

“In fact I’ve just got a text saying they’ve left pizza hut and are on their way to a strip club. Should be a good season.”

Sminky Shorts [Watch them all]


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Kelsey Grammer won the Golden Globe for Best Actor - Television Series Drama for playing Tom Kane, the mayor of Chicago, who has recently been diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder.

Ashley Cole wins round seven-year-old Manchester City fan

A seven-year-old City fan came back from the Community Shield victory with his own prize – thanks to England star Ashley Cole. The Chelsea left-back handed over his shiny silver runners-up medal to thrilled Bailey McColgan, from Wythenshawe.

Bailey had just watched his beloved City beat Chelsea 3-2 in the clash at Villa Park when 31-year-old Cole walked over to the City seats.

Cole handed him the medal and said: “That’s for you.”

The youngster’s dad, James, 46, went to accept it on his son’s behalf – but Cole insisted on handing it straight to Bailey who was proudly wearing a City shirt.

Delighted Bailey, who lives on Crowland Road, will now not let the medal out of his sight – even taking it to bed with him.

The Newall Green Primary School pupil told the M.E.N. that Cole’s gesture had topped off his day. He said: “I just held out my hand and he gave it to me. It made me feel really happy. I think he must be a nice person because he gave me his medal.”

And Bailey – who has already been offered £500 for the medal by a friend’s dad – has written to the England player to say ‘thank you’ and to ask for his autograph.

His mum Karla Barlow, 31, a manager at Pret a Manger in Spinningfields, said: “Apparently these medals would go for quite a lot of money but Bailey said he wouldn’t sell it for a million pounds.”

James, who also works at the same branch of Pret, praised Cole for making a ‘young lad very happy’. He said: “The look on Bailey’s face was unbelievable. A lot of stuff gets said about Ashley Cole, but this speaks volumes for him. It paints football in a different light.”

Bailey added: “I’ve shown the medal to everyone. They all said it was very heavy and they that they like the look of it. It’s made me feel super.”

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Sunday, August 12, 2012