Thursday, April 2, 2009

G20 Summit

It was more like the Oscars than a summit for people who are supposed to be working for us .
1st mistake we all make is to call them our leaders !!!
These people are our " representitives " , they are not superstars , and they are certainly not the smartest people on the planet , haven't we learned that yet ? .
To see these people jockeying for position at every event , be it a dinner or a round table meeting is a little embarressing , turning every meeting into a photo op and spending money like its going out of fashion is absolutely appalling .
Obama brought an entourage of 600 with him to the G20 ....... I could be sarchastic now but it just isn't funny , not only did he bring his own Limousine with him , he brought Marine 1 ... his personal helicopter ... and wait for it .... he also brought Marine 2 .... his " decoy " personal helicopter . [FYI ( President George W Bush ordered a new fleet of 28 helicopters in 2005 at a cost of $6.1 billion , at the moment the estimate for these aircraft has risen to $11.2 .... thats $400mil each !!! ) President Obama is reviewing the situation ] .... I suppose that if you consider that Marine 1 often travels with 5 other " Marine 1's " when it fly's domestically , the G20 is getting a bargain !!!
At what point does this become a negative event ?
Why cant these people do this using the available technology and save the taxpayers around $300million everytime they meet ? . I've seen the conferencing that can be done today , the technology is amazing and the money saved could be used for better purposes ..... what would John Lennon have made of all this nonsence ?