Thursday, September 18, 2008

The TIWE Watch

The Tiwe watch, designed by Lv Zhongfang, is a very cool watch. Normally when the watch is just sitting there on your wrist the little dots just randomly float around on the watch face. If you do need to know the time though, you just shake the watch or hit the glass surface slightly and the dots form into the hour and minute hands, letting you know what time it is.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Six retired generals came out and criticized the Secretary of Defense for the conduct of the war, and to hear the FOX News and rightie bloggers tell it, they might as well have been on Osama's payroll. Since when does being an American mean that any one of us is supposed to sit down and shut up? If dissenters hate freedom, then up is down.
We are told that America stands for " Freedom of Speech " but these days Americans are told they are " Emboldening the enemy " if they have a point of view that differs from the Government line , it reminds me of a russian comedian who said , " In America , you can stand in Times Square and shout ' I dont agree with the President of The United States ' ..... and in Russia you can do the same .... you can stand in Red Square and shout ' I dont agree with the President of The United States ' ........ it was funny at the time , but now you would be considered a traitor if you did this in Times Square , we now see Presidential candidates referred to as " American Heroes " and as " Traitorous " , there are a large amount of Americans who are scared , so scared that will believe any nonsense tossed at them by the Republican press and its no coincidence that these people are Christian fundimentalist - gun toting - hummer driving white people .
Its about time that these people realized that they lost the war ( the civil war ) and started to get with the program , they live in some 18th century utopia where they rule the world and everyone else should bow to their opinions .

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Opportunity knocks ...... and knocks and knocks .....

When I was young .......... everyone knew where they stood with regard to talent and talent contests ............... it was easy , straightforward and alot of fun .
Hughie Green called your name , you had a few minutes to impress the
world with your amazing talent , the audience clapped and your score was
registered on the " Clapometer " , then the audience would send in their postal vote and the winner would be announced the following week
If you won ......... well ... you could become a star
If you lost .......... well ... then you went home !
Whats the problem ?
It made sense , isn't life supposed to make sense ?
Some of the winners became popular household names ...... such as Les Dawson , Freddie Starr , Frank Carson , Little and Large , Mary Hopkin , Bobby Crush and Bonnie Langford .Some didn't get past the audition ......... such as Englebert Humperdinck and The Jam . It wasn't perfect .... but it was fun .................... So what happened ?........................The same thing that happened to all TV shows ........................................ Greed !

Enter Simon ( the ghoul ) Cowell to pander to the pathetic masses who think seeing people derided and laughed at is OK. I am not a fan of the man , the shows or the ritual humiliation dished out to some of the participants , there is no respect . And people wonder why kids today have no respect ...... you watch enough of this nonsense and you'll start to think it's funny to put people down too , yes ... some of the contestants are delusional but it's only supposed to be entertainment ......... everyone deserves to be treated the same

Television has become one long string of " How much humiliation will you put up with for fame or fortune ? "
Cowell once referred to a contestant as a " bush baby " ( American Idol 2006/07 )

[Did you know that when you sign up to appear on " The Weakest Link " .... you have to agree not to backchat Anne Robinson ?]
But the most pathetic part of all to me is ..... the sad people who text in and believe that their vote counts ........ The only thing that counts on that show is ..... whether the eventual winner is willing to sign a contract with Simon Cowell , and I'm thinking that this is decided pretty early on in the series .

Friday, September 12, 2008


I can remember a time in the States when everyone had to be vigilant , everyone had to keep their eyes on their neighbours , even their friends because of " The Red Peril " ........... Reds under the beds was no joke , this was serious , these " Commies " were trying to undermine the American way of life ............ and they were everywhere !!!!

Funny thing is ........... since The American Government discovered ( invented ) Al Qeada ......... why ..... all the communists have simply vanished , they are no more , they have ceased to be !

Makes you wonder how much of a real threat they were in the first place ........... or does it ?
I guess that if you live in Alabama ........ you just consider whoever the Government tells you is a threat to be the threat .......... dont these people ever ask questions ?
I'm not scared of Communists , I'm not that scared of Al Qeada ......... the people who scare me are the American people who believe whatever their told and vote for the people who make up the stories , the Americans who think that they live in a Democracy ........ and they have guns , lots and lots of guns !!!

Tesco ..... your friendly neighbourhood store ?

Of the major supermarkets in the UK, only Tesco and Sainsbury's offer a loyalty card-scheme to customers. Tesco's Clubcard scheme has been operating since 1995 and has now become the largest loyalty card in the UK, with around 13 million active Clubcard holders.
Customers can collect one Clubcard point for every £1 (or €1 in Ireland) they spend in a Tesco store, Tesco Petrol or Customers can also collect points by paying with a Tesco Credit Card, or by using Tesco Mobile, Tesco Homephone, Tesco Broadband, selected Tesco Personal Finance products or through Clubcard partners, Powergen and Avis. Each point equates to 1p in store when redeemed or 4p when used with clubcard deals (offers for holidays, day trips, etc). Clubcard points can also be converted to Airmiles. Clubcard points are also converted into coupons which can be redeemed for extra points or cash totals
Holders receive quarterly Clubcard statements offering discount coupons which can be spent in-store, online or on various Clubcard deals.
Tesco was cited in a Wall Street Journal article as using the intelligence from the Clubcard to thwart Wal-Mart's initiatives in the UK.
Have a guess what can happen if someone happens to find your handy " Tesco keyring " ......... well , there's a number on the little card thats on the fob ......... they can phone this number and then get onto a Tesco representitive ...... Here's what happened to one (un)lucky customer ...... The finder explained that they had found a keyring with a Tesco club card (and a bunch of keys ) attatched and wanted to know how to return it to the right owner , the helpful Tesco customer care department gave out the name and address of the owner of the keyring presumeably keeping their fingers crossed as they did so in the hope that their customer wouldn't have either their car or their house contents robbed thanks to Tesco's blind stupidity .......... every little helps !

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The God particle

Well .......... so far so good ........... they fired the hedron collider an hour ago ......... and so far .......... no sign of " Particle Man " , or " Hedron Boy " .......... and the earth has survived .

It begs the question ............. do these scientists have a clue what the hell their doing ?

$5 billion ........... lets hope we find out something !!!


I like this Bond .......... no silly names , no silly quips ....... it's almost like he's grown up at last .

Ok , he aint Jason Bourne yet ......... but its gettin there .

Truth and Lies.

In the age of Google ........... what is the point of lying to the general population ?

And having lied ........... whats the point of then calling that " Mis-speaking " ?
Why do polititions have so many words for " lying " that make it sound like they are not lying ?

John McCain stated " Sarah Palin sold the Alaskan Governors jet on ebay ......... and sold it at a profit ! .......... Har Har Har ( creepy smile ) " ................. Lie + Lie

Putting a jet for sale on ebay is one thing ............ but , it did not sell ( fact ) ....... it had to be sold privately .......... at a LOSS ( fact ) .
Then , having being found out ......... the Republicans release a story about Barack Obama's jet ..... Quote ......... "Barack Obama recently finished a $500,000 total overhaul of his 757. And as part of the new design, he decided to remove the American flag from the tail...What American running for President of the United States would remove the symbol of his country? And worse, he replaced the flag with it with a symbol of himself ... "

Want the truth ?
Barack Obama primarily used this Boeing 757
aircraft , chartered from ( and operated by )
North American airlines as his campaign plane .

During that period , the plane bore the standard colour scheme and company markings of all North American Airlines aircraft .

However , once the primary campaign ended and

Barack Obama became the presumtive Democratic presidential nominee , his campaign plane
underwent a month-long refurbishment to prepare it for the Presidential campaign , a process that included reconfigureing the interior seating and modifying the exterior markings and publicize the aircraft as Obama's official campaign plane .

The fact is .... the American flag on the tail of the Aircraft is a registered North American Airlines trademark logo .......... do you see ? .......... its a trademark logo .............. get it ??
The plane retains the US flag adjacend to the plane's regestrations numbers .

Here's a pic of John McCain's " Straight talk express " ...... spot the US flag !!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Easy now ............ this is just a joke ............................ OK ?

SEATTLE—Worried about meeting new children and making friends, area pedophile Howard Dengal admitted Monday that he was feeling "pretty nervous" for the first day of school.
"I hope the kids at Hampstead Elementary like me," said Dengal, who spent the summer reading comic books, watching early morning cartoons, and hanging around the entrance of a local swimming pool. "It'd be nice to have someone to play with during recess."

An anxious Dengal hopes some of the kids he knows from Little League will be there.
In preparation for Tuesday's start to the school year, Dengal picked out his favorite Batman shirt, Yankees baseball cap, and knee-length trench coat to wear. The 37-year-old then carefully packed a blue knapsack with two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and some toys.
A change of shorts was also added to the knapsack.
"Maybe someone will see me in the morning and come up and say hello," said Dengal, who claimed that he's always a bit shy at first. "And maybe if we both like the same kind of stuff, and he has dark-brown hair, we could be friends."
After finishing his dinner and practicing a few funny jokes in front of the mirror, Dengal reportedly got ready for bed around 9 p.m. Though he tried to fall right asleep, the twice-convicted pedophile said he began to get "all excited" just thinking about school.
"I bet there's going to be a big playground, and a jungle gym, and some really tall bushes that go all the way around everything," Dengal said while tossing and turning in anticipation. "Yeah, I shouldn't be nervous. I'm going to really like this new school."
The middle-aged man went on to tell himself that it's perfectly natural to feel a little nervous on the first day of class, and that there would probably be lots of kids also feeling scared that morning. According to Dengal, he plans to just be himself, learn the names of as many children as he can, and avoid getting into trouble with any of the teachers at Hampstead Elementary.
"After I get to know some of the kids, I could ask them if they like video games, and if they say yes, I could invite them over after school to play my Nintendo Wii," Dengal said. "And then later that week we could have a sleepover, and we could all watch scary movies, and try out the new camera I just got, and eat pizza until we pass out."
Added Dengal, "We could make it a secret club that no one ever has to know about."
Despite "really looking forward" to the first day of school, Dengal said he hasn't always had an easy time making new friends. The sexual predator claimed that he's been repeatedly ignored in the past, told several times to "go away" and "stop talking to us," and once had a group of third-graders call him hurtful names.
In addition, Dengal said the fact that he's always moving around from town to town hasn't helped when it comes to keeping friendships.
"It seems like every time I meet a kid I really like, something bad happens, and I suddenly have to change schools," Dengal said. "That's what happened with my friend Joshua. I still talk to him online sometimes, but it's not the same."
While Dengal said he hopes his luck will finally change this year, the registered sex offender admitted that there was one thing that still worried him.
"There better not be too many girls at school this year," Dengal said. "Last year there was, like, a hundred of them, and they were all so stupid and gross."
"Yuck," Dengal added. "Girls!"
You gotta love the Onion !

Majority of Parents Abuse children - Children Report

LOS ANGELES—A chilling national poll of U.S. children ages 3 through 12 estimated that nearly 75 million youngsters suffer both physical and psychological abuse at the hands of their parents on a daily basis.

An abused child awaits her single allotted hour of television per day.
The poll, whose findings are part of a 700-page report released Tuesday by a coalition of child abuse monitoring and prevention organizations, indicts nearly 95 percent of American parents. It documents abuses ranging from less severe offenses, such as children being denied snacks just before dinner, to more egregious, long-term cases of neglect, such as never ever getting what they want, ever.
"My parents always tell me that I have to finish all my math homework or I won't be allowed to watch TV," said study participant and abuse victim "Derek," 10, who told researchers that some of his earliest memories were of this kind of mistreatment. "They're so mean. I hate them."
"I hate them, I hate them, I hate them," he added.
Encouraged to speak freely and confidentially about their home lives, subjects shocked even seasoned child welfare advocates with tales of systematic deprival and gratuitous cruelty. One Illinois boy told of being forced to linger with his mother in fabric stores and later leaving a Toys "R" Us empty-handed, even though the store sold a water gun he really wanted. An Arkansas 9-year-old said he spent all of third grade carrying a boring brown backpack instead of a super-cool Spider-Man one like a friend, whose parents love him, had. And a 6-year-old girl from Wisconsin was forced to sit at a dining room table for nearly two hours until she finished her canned green beans, a food widely considered by poll respondents to be disgusting and suitable only for adults.
"To hear the sadness in these kids' voices when they talk about how they are scared—literally scared—to bring home poor report cards, is heartbreaking," said Dr. Deirdre Fulton, child psychologist and director of the Nationwide Coalition to End Child Abuse, who co-authored the study. "Some of the children we interviewed even wished they were dead so their parents would feel guilty at their funerals."
"No child should ever wish to die," Fulton added.
According to pollsters, most victims were surprisingly open, even eager, to discuss their abuse, although some were less forthcoming about traumatic experiences that involved inappropriate touching.
"It's so embarrassing, and everybody sees it," said 7-year-old "Harry," whose mother hugs and kisses him goodbye in front of the school bus every day. "When it's happening, I close my eyes and wish it would stop, but it just goes on forever."
Other victims recounted similar forms of privacy invasion, such as being asked if they were wearing clean underwear, and being stripped naked and made to bathe, even after clearly stating that they did not need a bath.
Hair is another focus of unseemly pathological fixations, many children allege: Six out of 10 girls interviewed said that their mothers routinely and painfully pull, twist, and tug their hair into "stupid" hairstyles like pigtails, and some boys said that their mothers go so far as to use saliva to paste their hair into place.
According to the report, a shocking 100 percent of children who claimed to have been abused said their parents repeatedly answered "maybe" to a request, and then withheld from them a definitive answer for hours or, in some cases, days.
In addition to those who admitted to being touched inappropriately, 93 percent of children said they have, at one point or another, been subject to various types of physical abuse.
"My parents make me practice the piano for like 20 hours a day," said 8-year-old "Lacy," adding that sometimes she will hide in her closet to avoid rehearsal. "They told me if I hate it so much I can quit when I'm in seventh grade. That's like 40 years from now."
Some children, mostly boys, have even been pressed into brutal physical labor by their fathers, who demand their sons help them in the yard on Saturdays—one of only two days off for children who spend an average of 600 hours a week at school.
"He treats me like a slave," 12-year-old "Michael" said. "It's like it's my fault that my dad decided to buy a house with a lawn. And then when I do help, he says I shouldn't have had a bad attitude about it."
"Mom just sits there and lets the entire thing happen," "Michael" added.
In some of the more disturbing cases of abuse, parents reportedly take a domineering interest in their children's social lives, often threatening severe but undefined punishment for not being home by dark. Some children said their parents attempt to cut them off completely from the outside world, making many websites and television channels inaccessible and never letting them hang out with their friends.
The National Parents Association declined to comment on the overwhelming levels of abuse. When asked why they wouldn't comment, the NPA released a tersely worded statement: "Because we said so."
Thank God for the Onion.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mark Hughes

There is no way that M ark Hughes is going to be the manager at Eastlands at the start of next season ........ the man doesn't have the personality to manage the stars who will arrive next summer ........... and the biggest casualties in this affair are the youth team at Manchester City who recently won The FA Youth Cup final by beating the Chelsea youth team 3-1. When do these young men think their going to join the first team playing alongside Robinho and the host of international stars they promice are on the way ?

I predict tears at bedtime at Manchester City ........

Manchester City

Are Manchester City going to become the new Real Madrid ?

New Manchester City owner Dr Sulaiman Al-Fahim is prepared to fund a £135 million offer for Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo in january .

Al-Fahim has revealed that his Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG) company, who are set to take full control of City in the coming weeks, are serious about bringing the best players in the world to the City of Manchester Stadium.
And that includes Ronaldo, despite the fact he plays for City’s rivals United and seems destined for a future move to Spanish giants Real Madrid.
Al-Fahim is up to ten times richer than Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich and according to some reports and is targeting a list of 18 players as potential transfer targets. It is reported that in a day of drama yesterday, City had offers totalling €300 million in bids for players around the world.
Speaking to The Guardian today, Al-Fahim revealed that he is serious about helping City to become the biggest football club in the world and plans to prove it with a bid for Ronaldo in January.
"Ronaldo has said he wants to play for the biggest club in the world, so we will see in January if he is serious," he stated.
"Real Madrid were estimating his value at $160 million (roughly £90m) but for a player like that, to actually get him, will cost a lot more; I would think $240 million (£135m). But why not? We are going to be the biggest club in the world, bigger than both Real Madrid and Manchester United."
Sky Sports News reported earlier today that Liverpool’s Fernando Torres and Arsenal’s Cesc Fabregas were also bold targets of Al-Fahim, although it remains to be seen if City yet have the draw to attract such players.
In an incredible day yesterday, ADUG’s proposed takeover of the club was announced this morning and following a frantic day of negotiations, which also saw offers tabled for Valencia’s David Villa and new United signing Dimitar Berbatov, their British record £32.5 million capture of Robinho was announced two minutes before the midnight transfer deadline.

Pele says ..................

03/09/2008 16:24
Robinho Needs Counselling - Pele
In the wake of Robinho's late surprise transfer from Real Madrid to Manchester City for a British record fee, Brazilian legend Pele believes the former Santos forward needs 'counselling', his words are echoed by fellow Brazilians .

Robinho effectively forced his exit from Real Madrid. The forward yearned to switch capital cities and join Chelsea, but it was Los Merengues who had the final say in the matter, refusing to do business with the Stamford Bridge side and accepting the £32.5million fee from Eastlands.Madrid knew they had to cash in on Robinho as Roman Calderon is quoted by France 24 as saying: "Robinho has a morale problem more extensive than we first thought... When he talked about his situation, he cried and demanded to leave Spain."Pele is disgusted by the behaviour of his fellow Brazilian: "Chelsea are lucky. This boy needs some serious counselling. In my view he has been badly advised," Football 365 quote him to say.Santos President, Marcelo Teixeira added: "This is one of the most disgraceful episodes in Brazilian football... He is a player who is an idol to children... But he has not acted like one."Jose Fernandos, Santos manager said: "We are ashamed at having produced such a player."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good or Bad ?

Well , it's that time of the year again ........... transfer deadline ......... were Chelsea right not to try to outbid Manchester City for Robinho ?
I think the answer is " Yes " ......... for too many years now that is exactly what we have been forced to do ......... when clubs know that it's Chelsea knocking on the door , the price of players goes up ... dramatically.
Shawn Wright Phillips cost Chelsea £20m which was a hugely inflated price , we have just resold him to Manchester City for £10m with not alot to show for our bucks .
This has happened far too often and I hope the trend has stopped .......... Robinho is untried in the Premiership , he has had no medical whatsoever , this is a huge risk for manchester City , I think that Chelsea have a good enough squad to hold their own this season , now all we need to do is to get rid of Peter Kenyon and get in a replacement who knows football and loves the club more than the money.
Good luck Chelsea for the season 2008/2009 ......... lets get behind " Big " Phil Scolari and the lads and bring some more silverware to the bridge.