Friday, April 4, 2014

Let the Crib Dribbler Feed Your Baby So You Can Get Some Rest !

If there's one thing all moms and dads can agree on, it's that the sleep deprivation that goes hand in hand with parenthood is brutal.

Are you as tired as we are of answering your baby's hunger cries in the middle of the night? Do you wish you could extend your child's naptime by an hour each day?

We're taking a cue from our favorite rodent, the gerbil, and commissioning the Crib Dribbler to feed our young in our absence. The handy bottle, which is made from recycled plastic syringes, conveniently attaches to your child's crib, and she may suckle the stainless steel straw to access her food.

The Crib Dribbler is designed for use with milk, formula, water, juice, stew and cocoa, and it comes complete with stickers that indicate whether the liquid in the container is warm or cold.

This is what we call a win/win situation. You're giving your baby independence, alone time and the ability to tend to her own needs and care for herself from the start -- and all the while you can enjoy a night off or several hours to yourself without having to worry about feeding your little one!

The Crib Dribbler comes in two sizes: The Over-Nighter and The Weekender. The latter, which is nearly three times the size, enables parents to go out to dinner, see a movie and even spend the night out at a hotel! Baby will be safe in his crib, with enough food to sustain him all weekend long. Parenting just got a lot easier!

+ Crib Dribbler 3 for $20

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