Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking Bad ends with everyone friends again

THE final episode of Breaking Bad ended last night with everyone becoming friends again.

Teacher-turned-meth maker Walter White apologised to his family and to former business partner Jesse Pinkman after seeing the error of his ways.

Speaking to Pinkman, White said: “I realise now that because of me a lot of bad things happened. I suppose I just wanted everyone to respect me.

“And because of my stupid pride I couldn’t just say ‘I’m sorry’.”

Pinkman replied: “That’s ok Walt. I suppose we all made some mistakes."

“It’s time I went back to college and did something positive with my life. I’m going to be an actual chef, not cooking up drugs but making delicious omelettes and salads.”

White’s long-suffering wife Skyler said: “I’m sorry too, I was such an uptight bitch. Probably if I’d been a bit nicer this never would have happened.”

As the surviving characters gathered by the Whites’ pool to share a beer or soft drink, Walt turned to the camera and delivered a monologue.

He said: “I should have used my talents to help others, instead of being focused only on myself.

True respect comes from being a good person. “Making crystal meth was wrong – in fact you could say I made a real ‘meth’ of things.”

Then Skyler pushed him in the pool and everyone laughed.

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