Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Burger chain promotes two different five-patty burgers

A burger chain in Japan is marketing two new massive sized burgers, one beef and one fried shrimp. Both meals consist of five patties each.

The sandwiches are being promoted in honor of the burger chain Lotteria's 40th anniversary, and the burgers will cost 500 yen (approximately US$ 6.30).

You'll be very disappointed if you expect it to look anything like his though

Apparently, these burgers are everyday menu items, the difference is the price is a temporary one, a specially priced promotion to celebrate the chain's 40-year milestone. The beef burger, called the "Super Cheeseday" deal, was available yesterday, Oct. 23. The fried shrimp stacked sandwich, the "Super Fryday", will be specially priced on Oct. 26.

Here's what it really looks like ......... are you hungry ?

Normally the beef burger costs $11 to $17 and the shrimp burger, $7 to $10.

There seems to be a trend for multi-patty burgers in Japan. This past summer, fast food chain Burger King offered a five-patty Whopper as a temporary menu item to celebrate its fifth anniversary in the country.

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