Sunday, February 26, 2012


Felicitations and salutations brothers ...... Gannicus returns in Spartacus: Vengeance and sets to purpose.

Gannicus has been wandering over the years and indulging to the point where he is quoted to be "light in coin". This prompts him to return to Capua, the place where his prestiege and reputation was established in search for means to finance his endeavors. In exchange for fighting in the arena once again, he is given an amount of coin by a local organizer of the games who is thrilled by his presence.

After making his extravagant reintroduction in the arena, he is comfronted by Oenomaus who questions him about having an affair with Melitta. Upon hesitation, Oenomaus is enraged and begins to deal heavy blows against him.

Shortly after Spartacus and his men begin their assault on the colosseum, Gannicus continues to fight Oenomaus is single handed combat with short instances of interruptions from other Gladiators. The battle continues and it seems as though both fighters are equal in skill until Gannicus is able to disarm Oenomaus who is at a disadvantage from being chained and equiped with a badly damaged sword. As Gannicus is about to deal the fatal blow at Oenomaus, the stands collapse on top of them and they are buried underneath.

Like many of the main (or highly skilled) gladiator characters, Gannicus fights in the Dimachaeri class, which uses two swords for fighting.

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