Tuesday, March 20, 2012


From scorers of 3 Chelsea goals against Leicester in the FA Cup, final score 5 - 2 to Chelsea. Gary Cahill had a T Shirt  made up to show support for his former teammate Fabrice Muamba who suffered a heart attack while on the pitch on Saturday, and Fernando Torres sporting a T Shirt he had made when his goal scoring drought began.

"As soon as it happened we could all tell something was seriously wrong, the ground fell silent and we just watched as it unfolded. Some of the fans were crying and holding each other. The rest just couldn't believe it was happening" Said Di Matteo after Fernando Torres scored "

Fabice Muamba, the Bolton midfielder has spoken for the first time since his heart attack last saturday .... when told that Fernando Torres has scored two goals .... he said " Mon Dieu ! ... How long have I been out ? "

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