Monday, February 25, 2013


'Ode to Rafa' to the tune of House of the Rising Sun

There is a Scouse at Stamford Bridge
he weighs a couple of ton
And hes been the ruin of many a good team
And Chelsea are just one.

His mother was a tailor
She made poor Rafas Jeans
She used the lounge room curtains
Yet he still had bulging seams.

Now the only thing that Roman needs
Is to win with Barcas style
And the only time that he'll be satisfied
Is when Chelsea play with guile.

So Rafa, tell the players
to forget their golden run
now here comes years of misery
til the waiters race is run.

Well, one hand on my cell phone
Jose's number I must dial
Please return to Stamford Bridge
and make the blues fans smile.

Yes there's still a Scouse at Stamford Bridge
but the end is drawing near
Mourinhos coming home again
to kick the Spaniards rear !

Sir Les

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