Monday, October 28, 2013


After appearing at Bayern on Saturday, 11 men dressed in identical black robes turn up at Chelsea.

Eleven unknown men are spooking out European football just days before Halloween having appeared at the Allianz Arena and then Stamford Bridge on Saturday and Sunday in amazingly scary outfits.

Dressed in black hooded gowns with satanic looking symbols on the front, and with whited-out faces, the eleven men have been spotted at the homes of Bayern Munich and Chelsea in successive days.

According to reports, the 11 men were spotted making strange synchronised gestures during the Bundelsiga match, with one fan saying: “It was very weird. They sat very still for a long time but then would hold their hands up together, or stand up in unison and then sit down again. Everyone near me was very confused. Some people laughed, some looked astonished. It was just very weird.” Pictures of the freaky football fans from over at Bayern on Saturday above.

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