Friday, January 3, 2014

SO TRUE ........ SO TRUE

Fast Food Fasting

So I kick back, relax and try to chill,
my belly rumbles once or twice – perhaps I’m ill?
Nah that’s a grumble not a rumble – I’m hungry still,
what’s easiest? a £3.79 extra value meal …

So yeah, another thing threatening my sanity
is the reality that fast-food is ruining humanity.
Statistics show this ‘food’ is nutritionally crude
and bad diet affects your mood but nothing changes general attitude
towards the companies selling it.
The largest being The Golden Arches,
who keep on clogging arteries everywhere with their modified starches.
How many people died before eyes were opened and fries
and other sides were criticised and no longer sold in supersize?
and since when did apple pies provide a fifth of my daily slice
of fat? despite how nice they taste, there’s clearly something wrong with that.

Macdonald had a little farm,
And a need to fill menu pages.
So he built a fuck-off shed
and filled it with chickens in tiny cages.

Now that chicken ain’t the chicken that is sitting in your cupboard.
The meat in your McNuggets is ‘mechanically recovered’
I discovered that the bones are pressed and squashed
and all the slosh that’s left is off to be re-dressed
and then it’s coated in some bread.
And salt is added, again more salt, and finally some more.
Then some sugar, chemicals, more salt – preservatives galore.

All that I’ve stated is well substantiated
but I’m aware you might be sitting there feeling slightly irritated
because despite eating this shit for years – admittedly uneducated -
you actually feel satiated, not emaciated.

Well, here it is you see, I’ll tell you this for free,
Mcdonalds, Burger King, Dominos, KFC…
Their food isn’t meant to keep you alive or healthy…

It’s meant to be cheap to make, quick to fill you up – and make someone far more wealthy.

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