Saturday, June 26, 2010

SO .................. WHATS NEXT ? - pt 1

When I was a lad [fado fado] ....... like every generation before us , we wanted to be different than those who came before. They were 'old school' ..... we were cool and hip , and they just didn't 'get it'.
We wanted to wear our hair long [like the popstars] but they insisted on 'short back'n sides' , they protested ...... we rebelled , as young folk do and eventually during the '70s we got our freedom ....... and along with long hair came bell-bottomed jeans , platform shoes and quarter irons [every heal of every shoe had to have quarter irons on].

We were the 'bomb' ....... or so we thought , as every generation thinks .... we thought that we were breaking new ground when in reality ... we were so tame ....... it had all been done before ..... everything has .

Just because your parents dont get it doesn't mean you're 'cutting edge'.

My mother once remarked while watching The Osmonds on Top of the Pops ..... " their all druggies " ............ oh how we laughed [it was pure chance that she picked the one group that probably was drug free].
Little did we realize how much drug induced music we were in fact listening to .... most of the music of the '60s and '70s was fueled by hard drugs , and they were not the ones to start it off by any means ...... art has been drug inspired for millenia , always has been - always will be ........ nothings new .

In order to be different when I was growing up , to be truly different ... you had to go one step further , you had to rebel against the mainstream of youth culture ..... some became 'skinheads' , some became 'rockers' or 'mods' ....... didn't matter , it had all been done before ....... different names but the same ideas .
Then came 'punk' , the 'new romantics' ........ blah blah blah ..... and on and on it goes right up to todays 'teen werewolves'. All thinking that they're starting something new when in fact they're simply recycling whats gone before .
Unfortunately , nonconformity soon becomes a fad , then a trend , then a fashion ..... and then it becomes meaningless.

So whats the difference between a Goth , an Emo and a teen werewolf ? ....... your guess is as good as mine , perhaps its just getting harder and harder to find something 'new'.

So get out your 'doublet and hose' , or perhaps your 'bonnet and ruff' , may even be a revival of the old wild west .... who knows ....... what I do know is that when it comes , the kids will believe they invented it , they will think they are the first to rebel in such a fashion [and fashion is all it is] ..... and along with all the kids that have ever been ........ they will be wrong.

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