Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Katie Price has reportedly asked her new boyfriend to marry her

The 32-year-old serial divorcée - who split from her husband Alex Reid in January after just 11 months of marriage – was first spotted with 25-year-old Argentinean model Leandro Penna at Sir Elton John's post-Oscars party last month but is already hoping to settle down with him.

The pair were spotted partying with Katie’s ex-boyfriend Dane Bowers earlier this week at a bash hosted by adult TV station Babestation at London's Merah nightclub, where the former glamour model vomited in the fire exit before popping the question in restaurant Balans.

A source said: "Katie kept saying, 'Marry me. Come on, why don't we just go and get married?'

"It's like Alex Reid never existed, but they aren't even divorced yet."

Katie - who has three children, Harvey, eight, Junior, five, and three-year-old Princess Tiaamii, from previous relationships –recently declared her love for Leandro.

She tweeted: "Es todo un tierno. Lo amo," which roughly translates as "It's all tender. I love him."

Here are few more quotes from this train wreck of a life

"If I stop being famous it won't matter because I'll still have my children and a husband [Alex] who loves me."

"Well, the truth is I didn't even attempt to say hello to her [Posh] as I was busy talking to Simon Cowell and his then girlfriend Terri, who were on my table." [Lucky ol' Simon, getting to sit sit at HER table ..... lol]

"I had looked forward to getting new boobs but now I had to have yet another op. I hated to think about what my poor body had been through in the past seven years - what with having three children and all the surgery." [What a martyr]

"I've always had relationships and made the guy wait a month before I sleep with him, wanting to know he respects me and it isn't just about having sex with Katie Price or Jordan, but I didn't feel I needed to be like that with Alex. Even though I had only just met him, something told me things were going to be serious between us. And so, just hours after meeting for the first time, we spent the night together."

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