Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Plugin blocks all mentions of Charlie Sheen from your browser

If you're sick of all the Charlie Sheen hysteria circulating online, you might want to download the free plugin Tinted Sheen. It claims to hide "most Charlie Sheen related text and images from your browsing experience."

Tinted Sheen has already been downloaded more than 3000 times since its launch today. A plugin for Firefox and Chrome browsers, it blocks text and images relating to the actor who has admitted to doing copious amounts of drugs and holding all-night parties with "the goddesses."

The website  for the plugin states: "Let this be the hangover cure for the #winning buzz from which everyone is still recovering."
It works by blacking out mentions of the actor, much like how a secret document would look. Words the actor has popularized, like "winning", will also be highlighted in black.

Tinted Sheen is the brainchild of Greg Lauch, senior designer at Buzzfeed and creator of a similar plugin, Shaved Bieber [for all non-Beliebers]. That app allowed users to block mentions of Justin Bieber on their browser.

So far, this version doesn't block Sheen mentions in any browsers other than Firefox and Chrome.


TMZ reported "a new cannabis strain called "Charlie Sheen" went on sale in several dispensaries last week and it's been flying off the shelves." Reportedly "the weed is in such high demand, they've had to start growing more."

Sheen's interview with ABC, in which he stated he was "clean of drugs and alcohol and high on himself," has inspired the new brand-name of cannabis. The potency of the 'Charlie Sheen' has not be verified by smokers but Sheen, who claimed he had 'Adonis DNA' and the blood of a tiger running through his veins, is still being questioned by those around who are watching him slowly implode. Sheen told ABC, "I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it once, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."

Other celebrities immortalized with cannabis strains bearing their name have included ....

“Chuck Norris Black and Blue Dream” [It's said to have quite a kick]
“Marley’s Collie” [It will bring you peace, but you will cheat on your wife/girlfriend]
“Jerry Garcia Kush" [Smells like purple]
“Willy Weed” [Makes you lose power over your bladder]
“Tom Cruise Purple” [Makes you hallucinate]
“Elvis Pressedme” [Stinky, but not like cheeseburgers and shame stinky]
“Casey Jones” [You’ll most likely screw up anything you’re trying to do]
“Belladonna” [Named after the porn star, will send you to sleep happy]
“Bin Laden Weed” [It really f*cks with you]
“Dirty Harry” [Takes no prisoners]


The interest in Charlie Sheen "could mean not winning," reports MSNBC. "Knowing that millions of people are searching for Charlie Sheen’s most recent public outburst, outrageous behaviour and video rampage(s), the bad guys are using the search term 'Charlie Sheen' to game the search results through search engine optimization poisoning, said a spokesman for Invincea, a software security firm."

"Using Sheen's name as a lure is just one way to get to you and your personal information online" said the MSNBC report, and now the unauthorized use of his name is gaining popularity among marijuana growers and sellers in the multi-million dollar California cannabis industry.

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