Thursday, April 7, 2011

Website dedicates itself to drought

It's the £50million question everyone at Stamford Bridge is wanting to know - Has Fernando Torres scored yet ? No is the answer but the most simplest of websites had dedicated itself to providing the latest updated information once it comes to hand.

Torres wears the number nine shirt for Chelsea, has played nine games but still the goals haven't flowed for the Spaniard.

Once considered one of the greatest scoring threats in world football, Torres is now considered one the great 'unluckys' to grace the Premier League.

The 27-year-old's time in blue was summed up perfectly in last night's Champions League loss to Manchester United when he had a header tipped around the post by Edwin Van Der Sar and hit the upright only to see the ball rebound back out into play.

But Chelsea fans can rest easy for when Torres eventually scores will be on hand to provide the definitive answer.
Currently the crisp white website reads in bold No, but hopefully as soon as he hits the back of the net it will read, Yes.

Click here to find out now - >

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