Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ireland Approved Anti-Piracy Law

Ireland is like Europe's lunatic child that's normally kept in the attic, and when it's left out it ends up doing something really stupid.

Regardless of 80,000 people petition and numerous complaints that the bill was obviously bringing in web filtering, the government of Ireland has approved a law similar to American Stop Online Piracy Act.

Local newspapers reported that Junior minister Seán Sherlock had confirmed that the controversial legislation that reinforced Internet copyright laws in the country has been signed into law. The bill will allow rights owners to seek court injunctions against Internet service providers or social networks whose servers are currently hosting copyright violating content.

Ironically enough, Seán Sherlock is the Minister for Research and Innovation. He claimed that the High Court now has important guidance from the European Court of Justice about the implementation of the measure. This move is regarded as a result of bullying from the entertainment industry that sued the country’s government for failing to implement blocking legislation. The move in question would provide the industry some blocking laws to play with.

The Minister for Research and Innovation explained that it will be up to the court to make sure that any remedy would uphold the freedom of broadband providers in order to conduct their business. Meanwhile, Sherlock claimed that an Internet service provider can’t be ordered to monitor data.

Nevertheless, Sherlock said that he was at the same time launching a new stage of the Copyright Review Committee looking forward to removing barriers to innovation. He added that it’s very important to develop the country’s legislation in this area in such a way as to allow for the greatest possible encouragement for innovation in both the creative and digital industries.

Irish politicians are the most easily led bunch of spineless buffoons not only in Europe ......... but in the world, either that ....... or they're easily bought.

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