Wednesday, March 28, 2012


When a team goes through a goal drought, most fans have a simple answer: a few abusive chants from the terraces, followed by a moan in the pub after the game. But fans of German regional side FC Magdeburg decided to take a more constructive and creative approach - one that has now made them globally famous.

Reasoning that their men had gone without a goal for five matches simply from having forgotten where the goal was, they decided to take giant dayglo arrows to the match to point their heroes in the right direction. Together with a giant banner reading 'Wir zeigen euch, wo das tor steht!' (rough translation: Don't worry chaps, we'll show you the goal is), they left their men in no doubt as to what their jobs were during their home clash against BAK '07 on Sunday.

It wasn't to be a happy ending, however: BAK then found the net in the penultimate minute to secure the win.

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