Sunday, April 1, 2012

Gnomes 4u

Angelina Gnomely
Designed to boost mobile phone signal for those in areas of poor reception, Gnomes 4u has been put together by handset retailer Phones 4u. Specially designed garden gnomes which are crammed full of ingenious signal boosting tech, can sit inconspicuously outside your house, bringing full bars of reception to your phone.

The gnomes use conventional gnome accessories, such as fishing rods disguised as aerials, to work their signal-boosting magic. Wi-Fi signals can also be beamed out to your garden using the gnomes special "beard band" tech.

Set to be the must-have outdoor accessory this summer, the Gnomes 4u collection will be available from selected Phones 4u stores across the UK from 1st April priced at £74.99.

A special VIG release of the gnomes will be available from the Phones 4u store in Oxford Street on 1 April. These "very important gnomes" consist of miniaturised version of celebrities with names like Angeline Gnomely and the cast of Eamonn Gnomes.

They can also boost home Wi-Fi and project it through what Phones 4u like to call “beardband” , allowing people to work or browse in the garden during the warm summer months.

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