Monday, December 3, 2012

Antonio Di Natale will take custody of Morosini's disabled sister

We have become so accustomed to hearing players fight over a million more or a million less. About television contracts and rights issues and the other things that make the game the business that it has evolved into. There is selfishness everywhere and the only thing that matter is the bottom line. People only care about their team winning and if they don’t do that, it is the end of their lives- figuratively.

Morosini, 25, was on loan at Livorno when he collapsed and died during a clash with Pescara on Saturday.

The impact that Morosini had on many teammates past and present compelled him to make that decision. The impact he had on DiNatale was great. DiNatale talked about how Morosini helped him overcome the death of his mother just four years ago.

The former Italian youth international had a very difficult life. Both of his parents died when he was still a teenager, his disabled brother committed suicide and his sister was disabled and he took care of her while he played for Livorno. Yet throughout these tough blows that life dealt him, he was always known for his fortitude as well as the commitment towards his family. This was what made him such a likable player. This is what made him so popular within the clubs he played for.

Udinese has confirmed plans to look after the player's only remaining family member, his severely disabled sister.

The player's sister relied on Morosini for financial support following the death of their parents, and Di Natale has assured that Udinese will now look after her.

"We know the situation of his sister and we as a team, the club, and Udinese for Life have decided to help her because she is in real need," Di Natale said.

"It is essential to stay by the side of Piermario’s sister for her entire life. She needs us and we want to help, both for her and for Mario.

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