Saturday, December 14, 2013


Arsenal fan loses house in wager against Manchester United fan who staked his car and wife.

While most Arsenal supporters lost some pride when Manchester United beat the Gunners on Sunday, one fan lost much much more. A man in the Iganga District of Eastern Uganda reportedly lost his house in a bet over the outcome of the match.

It's claimed that before the game Henry Dhabasani staked his two-room home in a bet with Rashid Yiga that Arsenal would win the game at Old Trafford. Yiga accepted the bet, and put quite a bit on the line himself. Along with his Toyota Premio, he also staked his wife.

The pair put their bet in writing, which was witnessed by local leaders and fans.

Dhabasani, who is married to three wives and has five children, reportedly fainted upon the final whistle with the score ending 1-0 to Manchester United.

On Monday, Manchester United fans "stormed" Dhabasani’s home and threw him and his family out, according to the Observer in Uganda.

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