Monday, January 27, 2014

Samuel ETO'O's supercars

After spending a few years being the best paid player in the world; a reported £350,000 per week after tax, it appears Samuel decided to splash a large amount of that on a dazzling fleet of cars. These were scattered across Europe during his time at Anzhi for security reasons, but now he has moved to Knightsbridge, it would appear that he has decided to bring some of his cars with him.

4 of his finest ‘rides’ have already been spotted in London (which also happens to be my home). These are an Aston Martin One-77, an Aston Martin V12 Zagato, a Bugatti Veyron and a Xenatec Maybach Coupe. These may be like words on a page to most people, but when you realise that these 4 cars add up to a total of over £3million, you can understand why the arrival of Eto’o came to great excitement to car fans in the English capital.

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