Thursday, June 19, 2014


Is listening to the likes of Phil Neville and Robbie Savage spouting nonsense getting you down ?

Try this ............................ nonsense


“I have to say… I really hate football,” says Peter Serafinowicz at half time in his latest venture: World Cup 2014 commentary. Joined by actor, Lewis MacLeod and entrepreneur alter ego, Brian Butterfield, this is the perfect antidote to World Cup fever.

With this new medium, Serafinowicz has reached the pinnacle of satire. I stumbled across it on Twitter, ten minutes into the Ghana v USA match. I duly turned it on, muted the TV, and clicked the commentary link. His commentator character knows nothing about real football, talking instead about things like ‘multi-ball’, “a man on the floor with a twisted beard,” and the referee’s nipple problems; anything to avoid the desperate information football fans are issued during normal commentary. As I listen, MacLeod is talking about the golden goal (a kind of extra time in case of a draw - I like to keep abreast of the basics), followed by the jade goal … and the amethyst goal …

                              Here's a taste of what you get

“This is the 2014th World Cup.”

'That was a good kick .... that was a great kick .... and the flag has gone up to say that was a wonderful kick ........ That's two points there for that kick'

'There are over 25 layers of rainbow coloured paint ... reds, yellows, blues, blacks ..... all the colours of the rainbow .... and then it's topped off with a white .... so when the ball starts to get worn down, you can see a bit of colour .... that's when they know it's time over for the ball'

'Hang on ..... they've changed sides' ............ 50:45

'The balls gone in to the audience again'

'I like the American players in their uniforms .... they remind me a bit of Star Trek .... Nanu Nanu'

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