Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tiger Kills Lion At Zoo In Turkey

Based on the Skeletons, the Tiger is the stronger animal. Upon the bones of the leg, there are rugosities, or impressions, which indicate the attachment of muscles still stronger than those of the lion.

Tigers are actually closer in built to jaguars and smilodon [Sabre tooth] then they are to lions. Even at equal weights, tigers may be substantially stronger and more powerful. Amur tigers in particular, outweigh lions by approximately 20% on average. While Bengal tigers maybe an advantage over lions(maybe 60/40 or in favor of the larger Bengal), Amurs are a whole different story. It's fair to say that the Amur tiger is truly the king of the cats - no question about it.

Tigers are stronger in the forequarters and hindquarters then lions. They are a bigger, more powerful, and stronger cat, then a lion. Tiger's hold the edge in agility, and in hand-eye coordination. Therefore in a situational fight, between a Kaziranga Park Tiger, and a Crater lion, history doesn't favor the lion well, the crater lion will weigh around 445 pounds, while the kaziranga park tiger will be around 525 pounds.

History states the Tiger was unanimously victorious over the lion. From every book, to every big cat trainer you seem to get the same responce, of tiger's dominance. From the Roman times, to the 17th and 18th centuries, the lion always lost in accounts.

Big cat trainer Mabel Starks, " the fight will be over in less then one minute, with the tiger getting a death grip on the lion".


A Turkish zoo says a tiger severed a lion's jugular vein when it stuck its paw through a narrow gap in a door dividing their cages.

The zoo in the Turkish capital of Ankara issued a statement to deny media reports that the tiger bent iron bars to attack the lion and tear it into pieces in the attack on September 4.

It said the tiger had squeezed it's front leg through the door, and in a single stroke left the lion dying in a pool of blood.

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