Friday, November 9, 2012


Last weekend brought the conclusion of the Swedish Allsvenskan season. 

 At the top end of the table it was a frantic finale as Elfborg won the title by the skin of their teeth, whilst at the other end of the division the close of the campaign brought welcome relief to the fans of GAIS.

GAIS propped up the league with a miserable 12 points having collected just one win in 30 league matches, yet despite having witnessed week after week of pitiful performances from their team, the supporters of the club still managed to maintain their sense of humour.

 That was made clear in the following clip.

  GAIS’ season was ended on a bum note in a 4-0 away thrashing at Orebro, but that did little to spoil the enjoyment of their fans. Employing their imagination to the nth degree, the GAIS fans ignored the horrible showing from their team on the pitch through a rendition of a genius chant “Let’s pretend we’ve scored a goal!”

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