Monday, September 9, 2013

Outrage as toy company creates 'crystal meth lab' for children with Breaking Bad play sets

Children can now build their own drug dens with a shocking new play kit inspired by TV show Breaking Bad.

The sell-out £160 kit, branded 'SuperLab', lets any child or adult recreate Walter White's notorious crystal meth lab. Complete with protective masks, drug paraphernalia, figurines and a version of the car from the show, infants can even reenact scenes from the series.

The toy looks similar to a classic Lego set, although it is not connected to the Danish company in any way and was made by a separate firm.

Outraged commentators took to Twitter to speak out against the bizarre toy. Jeff Myers tweeted: 'Made for children raised by parents who should know better.' Jacques Gonzales added: 'Definitely not for kiddies!'

The drama, in its fifth and final series, follows chemistry teacher Walter White on his journey to raise money for his family's future when he is diagnosed with lung cancer. The schemer from Albuquerque, played by Bryan Cranston, enlists the help of a former pupil Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. A global hit, it is hailed by critics and watched by millions around the world.

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