Thursday, April 14, 2011


 LITTLE MISS PAGENTS [ The cult of beauty ]

Little girls dressed up with false eyelashes, rouged cheeks and Vegas style clothes .... creepy ?

Slightly overweight housewives are trying to recapture (gain?) the glamorous life they never had and get rich off the backs of their babies, through this vicarious medium ?

Kids who are pathetic emotional wrecks trying desperately to please increasingly insane adults they are forced to live with and obey ?

' Don't worry Dear, we'll get you breast implants for your 12th birthday and you'll be perfect '

Save me all the “she loves it, and the minute she doesn’t we will stop” nonsense. No kid “wants” to do this. Ever seen the “behind the scenes” drama of these events ?,  it is obviously not true that the kids “love it.”

They whine, they cry, they fight with other kids. They know they are being treated as pampered pets shown off for filthy lucre. End of story. Stop the abuse. Stop showing these things on TV. Stop promoting them in your town. Call protective child services.

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